Sunday, December 11, 2011

UVU Competition

We had a great first competition. As this picture so delicately displays, the Chevs are winners. Competitive. Willing to do anything to succeed.

And here we are at the end of a successful day!! We're just super cool.

Some Charlies still have dark eyebrows... hehehehe.

So Sydney had this awesome idea to put these little finger bands on her fingers... with these little beauties, we'll win for sure. The judges won't know what hit them!

First place, Officers! Thanks Melman and Little Max!!

UVU Solo Competition

Congratulations to our soloists at the UVU solo comp and a HUGE thanks to all the girls for their love and support!!!

Happy Birthday, Melman!

Happy eighteenth birthday to Chelsea, back in November! :)

We surprised Chels with a birthday breakfast at Kneaders, and gave her an awesome massage present! (Thank you, Susan ;))

State Football Championship

Here we are, on the bus headed to the football championship where our boys were named state champs! Go Knights!! We always have crazy fun bus rides.

All-State Girls

Congrats to Chelsea,
Jaylee, and Michelle
for making All-State!

Dress Rehearsal

Flappers and Charlies!! What a fun dance, and such an awesome night.
We love dress rehearsal! :)

80's Morning!!

This is one of the greatest morning practices of the year. We are all lookin' mighty fine in our 80's gettups.

Especially Clancy.